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Best girl on the whole world, I love you or I am not sure but I want to love you , Mili! I love you.
Mili I love you
by herozs May 13, 2009
Short for the type of handgun called a 9 millimeter.
I leave your head gunbucked with this mili.
by Vooz aka Vooz July 15, 2005
london slang word meaning angry, annoyed, pissed off.
derived from shortening the word "militant"
what you gettin' mili for? get out my face you dickhead.
by somedudewithslang August 15, 2004
one who is great as a t-sing digger and buddy to hang out with.
duhhh mili
by gib_son May 08, 2003
Stands for Mother I would Like to Inseminate, she's more than averagely hot but she's no MILF
Check out that MILI
by colin7890 July 27, 2009

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