An rampantly sexual teenage girl; a slut. This is derived from the phrase, "doing a mile six inches at a time".
After she'd finished with Tom, she went straight on to Harry. That Shanna really is a miler.
by Elainor September 06, 2005
Top Definition
a track athlete who excels at the 1 mile distance.
Q:what was marks 1 mile time yesterday?

A-4:02.his splits were 62,60,60,60
by joe April 10, 2005
a woman who seems attractive at a long distance but becomes incresingly hideous as she gets closer.
Damn when I saw her from across the street she looked hot but when I got closer she looked like my dog's ass, what a miler.
by Paul B April 24, 2003
Some one that can run a mile very well weather it be in track or from the police
i ran a 4:00 min mile yesterday and won the country championship
by john lipuma June 27, 2005
noun - a very large bowel movement.
"I say, I have consumed far too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and now feel the urge to take a miler."
by lmfs November 04, 2006
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