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An extremely fast pace.
That bitch was talkin a mile a minute.
by john smith June 09, 2004
5 4
1. acting rapidly in a highly agitated way

2. 60 miles per hour
Stop talking a mile a minute and calm down.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
18 6
Uh, Sixty miles an hour? Der!

This slang is when something, usually speech, is going very quickly.
"That guy's on crystal meth."
"How can you tell."
"He's talking a mile a minute."
by Jeff Lebowski June 10, 2004
5 3
Sixty Miles an hour.

Also used to describe a rappid dispursal of oral information as a means to slow it down.
"What's the speed limmit?"
"Sixty! you can go a mile a minute!"

"Blah blah blah"
"Slow down i can't write that fast. You're going a mile a minute!"
by K-Dawg Plus June 09, 2004
4 2
The velocity of 60mph. Duh. hehe. An alternative expression to the aforementioned definition.
My Hamman-tuned BMW M5 can reach a mile a minute speed from zero in 4 seconds! ( I wish haha )
by kikkoman69 June 09, 2004
3 2
moving at an extremely high speed to keep yourself up to date with things, in the centre of activity
we'd move a mile a minute just to keep ourselves in it
by winza June 10, 2004
2 3