Super Stud, Pimp, Prick, Drunk, Legend
-Craziest guy at SCHS in Colorado.
Mikis is a fucking superstud; he's a pimp and he takes all the ladies.
by SCHS Student November 04, 2003
Top Definition
Miki can be referred to as a cute girl. Miki has a nice face and a great body who acts innocent but behind closed doors can have wild passionate sex. She is true to herself and she waits for a guy who she loves and knows will love her back. Miki is also a Japanese name for creek. Miki is usually asian.
I can't hurt that girl! She is too much of a Miki.

You think she is innocent but she is really a Miki.
by Slickster2011 January 09, 2011
1. Cute nickname for Mikayla, McKayla, Makayla, etc..
2. Japanese name
3. Japanese for new moon
Mikayla, can I call you Miki? You're just so cute!
by mXOXOs June 29, 2009
Miki is a beautiful girl. She is kind, caring and always there for her friends. She has a very bubbly personality although normally comes across as shy when you first meet her. One thing is for sure though, once you meet Miki you will never forget her, she's also very intelligent. She has a lovely face and a very nice body meaning any boy would be lucky to have her. Miki means New Moon in Japanese.
Wow! Look at that girl she is such a Miki!

She is such a Miki!

Aren't they lucky to be a Miki?
by Mousey1Dxox February 07, 2013
Miki means New Moon in Japanese
There's going to be a Miki tonight.
by [~Onigiri~] September 09, 2006
Miki is not an asian. She is a kind hearted girl full of bubbling spirit! She knows how to treat her friends and is loyal. Boys love this girl, she's a sexual devient! Any boy would be lucky to have her!
"Daym! that Miki's fine!"
by miki1995 June 21, 2012
Miki is a nickname and most. Of the time people with the nickname miki are badass bitches and dont like to talk to anyone but there best friends . Miki will forever and alwsys be a bad bitch
Jayjay:Omg miki your such a hoe
Miki: me never now run along hoe
by Slikchick June 05, 2016
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