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A fun to stay with person, a lively, rebel and chilled person. Mihnea usually is the name of cute and fluffy people.
Mihnea is the name of a boy
by Yolo123456 November 20, 2013

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chill fat funny illuminati jerk rebel sex weed
1.A crazy motha fukka who thinks he's better than everyone else including himself. Also believes in Illuminati and no sex before marrige.
2.He smokes tabacco and thinks it's weed.
3.It is neither male nor female but it takes the shape of a beardy guy with old school glasses.
1. I think that he's a total Mihnea, he doesn't want to fuck me before we get married.
2. I sold that Mihnea one gram of weed for 15$ haha. What a jerk.
3. I don't know what's behind that beard but I think it might be a Mihnea.
by Beorn February 23, 2014