To withhold information
He migoed his score on the test
by polob March 28, 2009
Top Definition
A man of hispanic or latin decent;It is mostly used in the D.C. area by black people describing a hispanic or latino man.
wassup migo
by latinsoulja January 21, 2004
a stereotypical nickname for a man of Mexican descent.

usually connected with wearing sombreros, selling fruit on the sidewalk, and "no era penal".
Person 1: "Hey, who's that short brown guy over there?"

Person 2: "Oh that's just José, he's such a migo."
by kanyeworshipper666 August 11, 2014
a mi-go is a creature made up by the early 19th century fictionist HP Lovecraft. the mi-go is a 5-foot or so red flying crab with tentacles on it's face. they're pretty nasty. make people go insane.
oh my fucking god it's a mother-fucking mi-go, what the fuck are we going to do, oh my god, oh my god, aiiiiii my eyes!!!!!!!! say hello to mr wingle forginson...
by nat wells March 28, 2005
fungoid, crablike, brainlike entities that came to earth during the jurassic period from Yuggoth, or as men know it Pluto.
the are also easily mistakable for
abominable snowmen, somehow.
see The Whisperer in Darkness
by cheu June 21, 2005
Maybe I'm gettin' old.
MIGO, But the twilight actors are weird looking!
by Mike Hausy June 27, 2010
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