sweetest cartoon super hero ever!!!!
person: Whoa that weird flying mouse just saved those people.
other person:thats no ordinary flying mouse its MIGHTY MOUSE!!!!!
by ssdd March 19, 2004
Top Definition
Stuffing ones finger along with the male member into a woman to appear to have a larger penis.
Man she screamed when I gave her a mighty mouse!
by Tom June 05, 2003
1. small bread eating rodent

2. Crime fighting irc nerd
is it a birn? NO is it a plane? NO ITS MIGHTYMOUSE
by bews October 18, 2001
smart ass, uptight bitch with a cunt as tighter than a benni's bum
by Godspeed April 30, 2003
A lowly 16k on genmay. He really wants an avatar for some reason. Doesn't make threads. Overall fgt.
MightyMouse does not neccessarily know what he's talking about.
Anything he says that may not make sense cannot be used against
him by other pathetic/respectable individuals.
by M|22 April 05, 2005
1. john kim

2. the most hideous, uncool monster on the face of this earth

3. cocky, self-absorbed individual who claims to be sexy but isn't

4. one who causes others to vomit with their uncoolness

5. one whose vocabulary consists of the words and phrases "OWNED!", "NARUTO ROCKS~ TEEHEE", "I LOVE BOYS", and "GO SUCK A BIG ONE"
mighty mouse < meanies

Did you see mighty mouse? He's going on with his nonsense again.
by Meanies August 28, 2004

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