A black midget!
My neighbor is a black midget, so I call him a migger.
by Anahiem January 13, 2009
A "Migger" is someone who is from Michigan and is a Gamer. The longer form is MI-Gamer, or, Michigan Gamer. MIG is short for MichiganGamer, however, add 'ger (to emphasize Michigander) to the end and you have Migger. In Michigan, a Migger is known as a local gamer who originated or lives in Michigan.
We're a bunch of Miggers.
by Joe Montuba April 04, 2006
A Mexican wigger. Wants to be black, acts black, talks black and thinks he's black
That stupid migger thinks he's black
by Scott E. Irish January 02, 2006
Mexican who trys to act black
Travis jizzmeis
by JPshizz April 05, 2004
Short for "magic nigger," a derogatory term used for black characters in films and television shows who serve no purpose other than to provide mystical aid and guidance to white characters.
My friend insisted that Morpheus from "The Matrix" is just as big a migger as the title character in "Legend of Baggar Vance," but his arguments didn't convince me.
by --bosochima January 21, 2006
Abbreviation for the Commodore Amiga in England.
I totally upgraded me migger, mate!
by Yurname July 17, 2006
A person who mig welds
" Hey, hurry up and finsh your welds you dumb migger."
by shane June 05, 2004

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