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A mexican who thinks he's African American.
Man that mex is such a migger.
by A mish August 26, 2004
A person who mig welds
" Hey, hurry up and finsh your welds you dumb migger."
by shane June 05, 2004
A mexican foo who trys to act black like michael Jackson or like Shareef Abdur rahim. A very precise example would be travis jizzmenis, and he doenst even know hes the biggest migger on the earth
Travis Jizzmenis is a migger
by JPshizz April 05, 2004
Like all the other definitions, a Mexican that apparently is trying to be black (It's racist to say certain clothing and mannerisms belong to a specific race, but whatever, I'll drop it for now). Also, a term that was made up by my classmate meaning "mixture wigger", because I dress "black", and she thinks I'm a mixed race (I told her that I was half East-Indian, quarter white, and quarter Chinese).
This is gonna get so many thumbs down.
by wcgold March 28, 2005
A racially offensive word directed at persons of a Malaysian origin. In recent years the influx of Malaysians to a small area of Colchester in the UK has resulted in inbreeding among their own race, thus causing a new breed of Malaysians commonly known as 'Miggers' for their abnormal behavour among native societies
Mark Wood is a dirty filthy migger
by Tim - anti migger June 21, 2005
a mexican wigger
that guy is such a god damn migger its funny!
by bob February 17, 2004