Marijuana of varying potency and quality depending on the particular area. For instance, some may call mids marijuana that is as potent as dro but the buds are not as shapely and contain seeds and some stems. They are also lamp dried so the smoke is harsher and not as tasteful. Mids may also be seedless, low stem bud that is easier to brake up but the potency may not be as high so it takes more to get the desired effects.

Mids are what many people start on and what many low budget or occasional smokers stay on.
My buddy wanted to grab a sac of dro but I told him that we can get twice the ammount of mids dor the same price and roll a few blunts.
by Chris the man johnson March 02, 2008
When something or someone gets the job done, but not at the quality you desire.

It's ok, just not great.
Girl: I hate when james works in the kitchen... he always does his sidework but never finishes it properly.
Guy: yeah, he's so mids.
by lilium13th July 29, 2014
Short for Midshipman -- a student at the Naval or Merchant Marine Academy
That Mid is locked on.
by Kappa Pi Sigma September 04, 2006
An evil, scary dwarf, kobold, troll, or norseman who takes joy in killing all that is pure and natural!!! They can be spotted by their beedy eyes and their languages consist of little more than grunts.
That mid is ganking greys in Darkness Falls again!
by Anonymous January 17, 2003
An offensive slur of "hominid". Used to refer scornfully to human beings.
Those stupid mids never know when to quit, do they?
by RZ October 05, 2003

Mids can range anywhere from schwag to fire mids.
All mids give you the same tired, bored high which leaves you with a headache every other time.

Alot of people that smoke marjiuana prefer good mids rather than high-quality marijuana, just because of prices.

When you smoke mids you'll start to feel that your vision is getting hazy and your feeling as if your in a dream.

But as you smoke and smoke more and more you become tired, exhausted, and feel as if you need to lie down and just go to bed. Alot of people hate mids because of those few reasons and because they would rather have a better high.

Schwag mids is never in nugget form its always broken up and can be lacking chlorophyll making it turn brown and even black.

Fire mids almost look as if its dank. They are loaded with red hairs and crystals if your lucky. But unfortunately it gives you pretty much the same high, it just doeesn't take as much smoke as schwag.
Guy1: I hate mids man i dont smoke dirt.

Guy2: Mids are awsome man you get more smoke for the bucks.

Guy1: I dont care, you can have fun with your mids and ill go smoke some real bud.
by tomsmithakid July 05, 2009
A large number, usually 20 or more, that prefer to camp their own bridges; as well as, usually on Monday nights, invade other realms with a ridiculous number of people.
Region: Spam of 95 on beno T1......

Region: Mids on beno T1
by Gnawbie March 27, 2008
Mids are the mid-grade/class weed. You got schwag(aka dirt), mids, and heads/headies. Then there is chronic. Mids, depending on price, can be good or bad. If its brown, not good. If its green, hellz yaa!Mids are usually around 15 a gram. I got around an eigth, and it was 50(i knew the guy).
buyer: yo you packin heat son?

dealer: fah sho fam, whatchu need?

buyer: mids.

dealer: 20 a g

buyer: WHAT!? nigga you blown? 15 or 0!
by DOUBLE-ONE February 13, 2009
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