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Everyone's worst nightmare, the most highly skilled warriors in the universe. The qualifications to become one are so high that there are rumored to be only two or three midrangesnipers in existence. A midrangesniper is capable of annihilating any enemy known to man, but the midrangesniper's main enemy are the Servants of Nubcore, or, nubcoreservants.
**Playing Battlefield 2142**

ShiTz0r_21: OmG ShiT DoOd ThAt midrangesniper GuY JuSt DeFeatEd OuuR EnTiRe TiTan DeFenSe AnD BleW OuR Core... On his OwN!11!!!! ZoMfG1!!

l33t-Sniper_67: Yeah he does that every map... **yawn**

goonslayer: i'm inbred

ShiTz0r_21: LoL
by Midrangesniper #1 January 14, 2007
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