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When people abandon their business and/or home, leaving quickly in the middle of the night. Abandoned houses will reveal clues about the former occupants. It is generally considered that people do a Midnight Run because of financial troubles, however it also may be to evade an abusive spouse, or to evade the law.
the mother and daughter who once lived in the building did a midnight run
by truckguy60 November 26, 2010
Making an alcohol run in hopes of finding a store that hasn't locked up their booze yet.

VA alcohol lock up times are from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.
"Crap man this isn't enough alcohol to get everyone drunk tonight, we need to do a midnight run to find some places to buy alcohol"
by Nexven February 15, 2012
Going for a run after 12am. (or 10pm on a school/work night)
Dude, I met the creepiest hobo last night on a midnight run.
by Crumikins February 24, 2009
When a man is reciving a blow job from a person. While he is recving anal sex.The male whos giving anal is giving oral to the person giving the blow job
"lets make a fair three some lets have a midnight run."
by Karshner August 11, 2005

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