The planting of nuts and bolts, in the hopes of growing strong midgets to work as munchkins and fight the evil courageous lion!!
Hick 1: I just raped a goat!!
Hick 2: I work on a midget farM!!
Hick 3: midget farming is fun...
by William Shaklefurd March 23, 2007
Top Definition
A celebratory act started in the early 70's by oprah and family, where midgets are hunted, and then corraled into small pens where they are forced to perform circus tricks. This form of entertainment is no longer practiced by oprah, but is still enjoyed by the mentally ill, alcoholics, and wealthy housewives
"Wow the midget farming was incredible last night, those little guys can really dance!"
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
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