British colloquialism for female genitals.
She's got a great ass but I really love her midge.
by Pharaoh13 August 01, 2010
Slang word for some really good weed. Mostly used in the South.
"Two thousand pounds of midge, I sold that shit my damn self." - Rapper
by DiazepamLedger August 28, 2008
1. a small person; a "petit garcon" of sorts.

2. a person that has small appendages and abrupt movements.

"Boy, Anthony is sure looking like a midge today!"
by Mr. Smidgens March 09, 2008
n: The word Midge is derived from midget. This slander is to indicate that the person bestowed the title (1) is of short stature and
(2) is weak or helpless
(3) possibly an individual who is a disturbance, hinderance or enjoys complaining.
The Midge may also be very adept at manipulations.

The classic Midge may be characterized by Margaret from "Dennis the Menace"
"My little sister is a real midge. She's always whining for help..."

"That kid that kept crying was being a %#@*ing midge!"
by Bon Jabb April 06, 2006
A person who talks with a high squeaky voice.
A midge is like a young boy how hasn't hit puberty, a girl with a little voice.
by Gmanhomeslice November 10, 2008
That stupid fucking midget WHORE that stole all my god damn money from Vegas!
Don't ever take a shower with a midge in the room, everything will be gone, trust me.
by codddd June 23, 2011
Someone that has blue hair and wants to play on swing sets 24/7. The word "idge" can be in many different words meaning small or has blue hair. So basically the M just means likes to play on swing sets but midge is the mostly the word.
I am a midge becasue i love to play on swing sets wahoo!! but i dont have blue hair.
by Midge the 1st April 23, 2005

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