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n. Hax0r spelling of slut. Person who enjoys making out with midgets and people named Boohiss. Has retarded fat-faced friends.
Midg, your girlfriend is a sl00t.
by 166 April 10, 2004
n. A blatant homosexual of small stature. Thinks Sl00t is his girlfriend, but she is simply a whore. Firm supporter of censorship. Firm supporter of anal sex.
For Boner's sake Midg, you are a fag.
by 166 April 10, 2004
1. v. The act of courting butro females.

2. n. A lack of proficiency in playing any instrument, notably bass guitar.

3. n. One who excessively uses the marijuana plant and/or alcoholic beverage.

4. v. The act of posting emo shit in one's livejournal.

5. adj. Possessing infrequent bathing habits.

6. n. To be unskilled at living.
1. When seeking a prospective mate, never ever Boohiss.

2. I cannot believe the terrible sounds coming from that instrument, he is surely pulling a Boohiss.

3. Sometimes I can not believe that Boohiss could even remember his own name.

4. Looks like there is another Boohissed livejournal entry about how his life sucks.

5. Judging by that foul smell, someone here is Boohiss.

6. That homeless crackhead is a real Boohiss.
by 166 January 25, 2005

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