hey dis iz where u meet ur doom to face hell
i hate middle school currently its like a day in hell every day
by H8TER13 May 13, 2009
The crappiest place ever. The popular kids think they're better than everyone, and the popular guys tell you to shut up if you start to say anything that sounds like an insult to them, while they can say whatever they want to you. The popular girls are all whores who drink Starbucks and act like 16 year olds. That covers the popular kids, but there are other groups too.
Nerds: Smart kids that usually have glasses and are physically weak.
Bros: Usually popular kids, they are jerks who are obsessed with shoes.
Gossip girls: Usually popular, they bring Starbucks every day and talk about pointless crap.
Tough posers: Act like they're tough
Bullies: Bullies
Teacher's pet: Usually a girl, they are total suck-ups to the so-called teachers
Normal people: One of the largest groups, they usually won't fall into a category until high school.
There are more, too
The food is made of styrofoam and rubber, the teachers give you truckloads of work and information you will never need.
You social life will suck. Everyone will be "dating" which just means hanging out for all groups except the popular kids, who make out and stuff. Prepare for 2-4 years (it depends) of dealing with jerks, boatloads of work, and either being rejected when asking a girl out or being accepted and the reationship lasting 3 days. All in all, middle school is torture.
Middle school sucks. Like really badly.
by Red38 Vex December 07, 2015
Where your hopes and dreams go to die.

Most of these are 3 years (6th-8th grade), but some are 2 years (usually 7th-8th) and others are 4 years (5th-8th).
Before 7th Grade (at a 2 year middle school):
"Yay! Middle school! New friends abound!"

By mid-October of 8th grade (at 2 year school):
"I am useless. I am worthless. I have no future. The world is better without me. I have no skill. My "friends" go around and tell my secrets."

Middle school is where hopes and dreams go to die.
by thekingofamerica November 29, 2015
The result of stuffing 400 hormonal teens into a common area. Usually referred to as living hell.
Today I have to go to middle school where Lisa will probably have another period leak and I'll get verbally abused. Fun times.
by crazytrisgirl September 10, 2015
•A place where pubescent children are trapped for 8 hours a day, five days a month, and 9 months at a time.
•Sexual and offensive jokes are exchanged daily. not to mention endless drama over the most pointless shit.
•Relationships last about a week on average and then the horny, attention seeking teenagers find a new prey
• it's just a pit of hell where you learn a lot of life lessons and it changes your perspective on the world.
Middle school is the equivalent to satan's asscrack
by Attackonsquareflakes April 15, 2015
A fucking prision
Hey you are in middle school? Good luck
by Weekeleeks April 04, 2015
Fifth graders are excited for it until they get to seventh. Homework is piled and so is the stress. And for think this is preparing you for high school. You decide to become one with it until it shreds you with rumors and hurt. And that is the start of depression as well.
"Ok get out of the car so you're not late second year of middle school!" :D
"Why do I have to go to this prison!" ;(
"Honey how do you expect to go to college? We all know that-" Car door slams shut. :3
by i ring of truths December 27, 2014
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