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The shittiest 3 years of your school career. All of the teachers are assholes and give you a shitload of homework everynight. You also have to do a bunch of long shitty projects that nobody cares about. The principals there are also assholes and hand out saturday detentions like they're candy for doing harmless stuff like chewing gum and throwing paper in class. The rules there were also so much stricter than in highschool. Pda was not allowed, No chewing gum in class, No sodas at all during lunch time, and we had to walk in a single file line to lunch and pe like we were 5. And the kids there are so fucking annoying. Almost everyone is a poser and acts like someone there not. There's also a bunch of groups that follow around one kid in their group and praise him like he's god. Kids there are so judgemental to you get ridiculed for everything you do or wear. I'm a guy and I wore flip flops one day and I swear 30 people had to point it out and make a big deal about. Not to mention everyone is so horny and most relationships are based on looks and how good a kisser the person is.
Freshman 1: Is it just me or did the last 3 years of our life suck major dick

Freshman 2: No it's not just you middle school sucks dick for everyone.
by Thisguykicksass January 13, 2012
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