Enemy of liberals and democrats: not poor enough to depend entirely on the government, not rich enough to fund their campaigns; threat to the implementation of Socialism and economic slavery.
The only way to buy votes from the poor is to reward their failure with money stripped from the paychecks of the Middle Class.
by Rooface2day February 28, 2013
The biggest class of fucking morons (In UK anyway) well known for sitting on 'chav' websites playing the role of keyboard hereos. Look down and are jealous of the working-class. Most of them sniff coke and act as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouth, most of the time it's these who get found out for child abusing and running child abusing websites. Always give birth to tax dodging weedy students.
middle-class - The elite class of cocks
by barrygt March 20, 2006
Financially the largest class. All the main money makers. At the bottom are those in well paid jobs, at the top are multi-millionaires working huge amounts who will become new money
Middle classes in western nations have more money than the upper classes when combined, and more than the lower classes.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Everyone who works and pays taxes is middle class. There has been no such thing as "working class" since the 1970s with the end of mass labour industries such as coal mining and steel.

The other classes are underclass/scum (long term unemployable) and upper class (too rich to need to work).
Kevin empties bins for the council and his wife Sharon is a school dinner lady. They own their own house, take two foreign holidays per year (sun and skiing) and own two cars. They are middle class who work, not working class.
by fubarderby January 02, 2005
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