a girl between the ages of 12-14, known for only going out with guys that are popular, talks with her other kind about kids who arent her kind, usually calls each other pretty but really inside they think their the sexyest of them all, will ignore any other UNpopular guy, post hundreds of pics on facebook with them in tight skinny jeans or short skirts soo they can get peoples attention.
mark: mandy acts like she knows basketball only because its bobs favourite sport, thats all she can do to get his attention.

Daniel: such a middle school slut
by ilovebigbooty July 13, 2010
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Any girl, regardless of age, who makes out with every guy in the phonebook but lacks the mature interest in taking it any further than kissy kissy. She simply doesn't want dick and it's annoying. What a tease.
It's Britney's third week in college and she's already made out with 6 guys but didn't even touch their weewees. What a middle school slut!
by JoeMoe October 08, 2007
20% of all middle school aged girls. contrary to what the above cunts said, they don't give head. they're just cockteases
I wanted to pounce that MS slut but she denied me because she won't give it up until college. oh well, who wants an underdeveloped twat anyway?
by Phil January 28, 2005
A Female, who is in gr.6-gr.9, who has given hand, head, and has been screwed, ganbanged, and in the most extreme cases, filmed.

Usually girls who wear thongs for the older boys to see, and gives them head.
"Man, why u goin' so middle school?" (Boy telling gr.10 friend to stop getting head from gr.7 girl)
"Man, i wanna tap that middle school shit"
(Person referring to a middle school slut)
by Street Dogg December 09, 2003
A middle school slut is not actually a middle school girl who has a lot of sex. In fact, she may even be a virgin. She doesn't even have to have had that many boyfriends. But all the guys think she has all kinds of STDs because of the way she acts.
Aspects of a middle school slut
-super flirty
-most likely not that smart
-Always says stupid things that she thinks that guys might find cute
-Way too obsessed with guys
-Always very open about who she likes
-Most guys hate her so she prays upon guys that don't hate her and have not been informed about what a slut she is
-Lots of make-up
Make sure that you report to your friends if you see a middle school slut in the area.
Dude 1- WTF!!! Why would you date Tiffany? Don't you know that she is a middle school slut?
Dude 2- Really? Damn! I gotta dump her!
by poopy butt December 06, 2015
Any slut who goes to Middle School
man that middle school done gave me best blow i ever had!!!

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