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analogous to micro-managing, a microfriend is someone who is kinda obsessed or over-obsessed about the friendly circle he/she has or any given friend in particular. Such people feel themselves ONLY as a group, without any individualist streak, no personal opinions, no personal choices, no individual leadership as well.

Floating souls totally governed by per people around them. The relation to micromanagement is that a microfriend is always out there spying on his/her friends, a constant need of over-information about others make then a microfriend.
Suzy: Hey whats with your friend John, he's all over your facebook profile, digging into your room and personal stuff, asking all sorts of weird questions about you from us all.

Mark: He is microfriend of mine, though nice and helpful but kinda pain in the a$$ sometimes.
by wtf_tj October 07, 2009