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Tiny ass dick. It's like you never hit puberty. You always hear the question during sex, "Is it in yet." Since it is so small.
Girl:"Is it in yet?"
Guy:"Fuck! I hate micro dick!
by Arthur Kyle 69 January 23, 2009
Word for someone with a penis so small that it takes a pair of tweezers to tug him him off.
Kenny's microdick caused his girlfriend to laugh hysterically.
by Gollum May 17, 2006
a small dick that makes you feel awkward as fuck!
homegirl: damb foo whats up with you and ziggy?? i heard you foos were hitting it off in the begining?? G-Eyes:hell no! foo! i thought he was cute at first but when i found out he was a lazy ass mamas boy i said chales and to top it off homeboy had a micro dick!!! im cool on that lame! i felt awkward as fuck when he pulled his pants down when we were about to handle.
by MS.DRAMA February 28, 2010