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Word for someone with a penis so small that it takes a pair of tweezers to tug him him off.
Kenny's microdick caused his girlfriend to laugh hysterically.
by Gollum May 17, 2006
a small dick that makes you feel awkward as fuck!
homegirl: damb foo whats up with you and ziggy?? i heard you foos were hitting it off in the begining?? G-Eyes:hell no! foo! i thought he was cute at first but when i found out he was a lazy ass mamas boy i said chales and to top it off homeboy had a micro dick!!! im cool on that lame! i felt awkward as fuck when he pulled his pants down when we were about to handle.
by MS.DRAMA February 28, 2010
Tiny ass dick. It's like you never hit puberty. You always hear the question during sex, "Is it in yet." Since it is so small.
Girl:"Is it in yet?"
Guy:"Fuck! I hate micro dick!
by Arthur Kyle 69 January 23, 2009
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