1)a girl that is always dirty and has zits all over hert face,and cuts all her shirts so that her bra falls out when she leans over.2)a nick name for a sloppy pig
that girl is soo disgusting and mickey!!!
by Ivy rox ur sox June 17, 2008
hard rockin girl usually obsessed with rock bands and drinking
mickey brings a keg if you invite her to a party
but dont play pussy ass music or you'll get a face full of fist
by crazy wang May 17, 2007
a hott older guy who no girl can rip her eyes off of. SMOKIN.
oh mickey, ur so fine! ur so fine u blow mi mind! hey mickey! hey mickey! oh mickey, wat a pity, u dont understand. u take me by the heart when u take me by the hand. oh mickey ur so pretty, cant u understand! ITS GUYS LIKE YOU, MICKEY! now wat u do, mickey, do mickey, dont break my heart, mickey!
by mickey-obsessy January 20, 2007

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