Michelle loves every jack, as soon as a michelle meets a jack she is instantly in love with him.
Jack :Hi I'm Jack!

Michelle: <3
by michellefact101 July 07, 2011
The best drinking buddy ever, will drink till she forgets and will drink more. Very tall with crazy curly brown hair.
that girl drinks like a Michelle
by The K-ster February 03, 2010
shes a attention whore who's a total pot-head any gets around with the guys in town and starts facebook drama all of the time because she has no life your parents normally wouldn't like her
"that girl is acting like michelle"
"what dramaa"
by Sexychica1472@ January 20, 2013
Michelle means a girl who is outgoing, doesn't care about anything, loves making fun of her friends, has a huge butt, has big tits, wide pelvis, not fat, very sexual.
Wow you look like you are Michelle
by Mole Moth September 29, 2010
A girl who smokes in the bathroom and thinks it is very cool.
hi im michelle i just had a drag in the bathroom cause im cool like that yo bro
by des dungo March 14, 2012
Wow, that Michelle girl sure is a nab.
by abagawa October 04, 2011
Possibly the most laziest person in the world. Relies on other people to do basic human functions
I pulled a michelle today and all i did today was lay on the couch..
by Gangsta420024 May 24, 2011

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