Michelle is a kind, funny, and smart girl. She is pretty laid back but can still buckle down and focus when there's work to be done. She's creative, passionate, and more then anything else dedicated. She's very responsible and caring ( kinda like a mom or older sister) but won't hesitate to smack you if you try to slack off or push her buttons. They usually come off as quiet and withdrawn but actually have an amazing strong personality once you get to know them. While they may not be the best at school they will always find something else ( singing, sports, band, art, etc.) that they love a and will work their ass off for. Usually they're kinda tall with brown hair, if not she might have dyed it, and have their own sense of style, not really digging the mainstream brands. So wile Michelle's usually don't stand out as much as soon as you meet them you'll always have a friend to rely on.
Guy1: Hey, can I borrow your notes? I was absent.
Guy2: Sorry dude I didn't take any. Why don't you ask Michelle? She'll might even summarize the lesson for you. She's a great teacher.
Guy1:Sweet! Thanks dude!
by Jinx-craft July 30, 2015
She tends to stay with abusive boyfriends and she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes hurting other people. She has nice lips and her shoulders are very nice.
Wow, did you see Michelle? Yeah, she has bruises from her boyfriend.
by fuckyouandyourmom March 03, 2015
Michelle means the most beautiful, caring/ kind and cute girl. a good singer and creative at art. She is smart. This name comes from spain. She is awesome to be around and she is fabulous what ever she does. Most michelles will probably recognize each other. michelle is a gift from god
Look I think her name is michelle
by fabjofeeannaee April 17, 2015
Also see towel
Person 1: I'm about to take a shower, can you grab me a Michelle to dry off with when I finish?

Person 2: I sure can!
by thekingsofresh February 18, 2013
She's a good girl. Loves her momma. Loves Jesus and America too. She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis. Loves horses -but not her boyfriend anymore.

She is way too good for guys named Bryan and their stupid mind games. She's a brunette bombshell that has better things to do with her time then sit around and wait for his call.
Hey, is that Michelle over there?" " Yea, Dude ... I've been checking her out all night.
by dontfckwithmylittlesister April 06, 2011
Stupid annoying girl. Likes attention. Thinks she's funny. Not the type of person you want your kids to hang out with.
God this bitch is really annoying me. Her name must be Michelle
by t.dot November 09, 2014
Some bitch who enjoys sleeping with other people's boyfriends because she's too much of a chubby slut to find one for herself.
"Damn, that chubby slut, I bet her name is Michelle."
by TheRed08 February 10, 2014

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