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a singer-songwriter who used to be good but married an old man, had a baby and dropped of the face of the earth. forgot all about her fans.
thumbs DOWN michelle.
and there are more guitar chords than G D and Am.
Lots of people compare her to Vanessa Carlton. But Vanessa is better.
Michelle Branch? Didn't she sing A Thousand Miles and All You Wanted? What ever happened to her, anyway?
by anonymuz November 08, 2005
20 95
A talented singer who writes great music.Not a poser like Avril Lavigne.
by laserblaze21 September 13, 2003
350 87
A Great Singer and deons't lip sync
Did I mention she sings?
by Rockstar June 16, 2003
225 24
Most huggable singer song writer in the world
omfg its michelle!!! hey whose that... oh sorry avril... youre too small to see
by michee September 14, 2003
220 36
a singer that writes her own music, is in her own band now, can play the guitar and many other instruments, very pretty, also quite funny :)
plays lots of instruments and continues to:)
by eunice January 22, 2005
162 15
A kick ass singer who writes her own songs. However they tend to blend into eachother a little...
But she wud kick Avril's 'hard' ass in a fight, and most importantly, a music contest. Cuz she has...talent! Kerazy idea, huh?
Michelle plays guitar. Avril plays tape.
by kellie May 29, 2003
204 82
the most awesomest person ever!
a singer/musician/actress/songwriter/almost mother/married/a lot of other things
nothin like lindsay lohan
by Michelle Luver March 12, 2005
133 43