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Most huggable singer song writer in the world
omfg its michelle!!! hey whose that... oh sorry avril... youre too small to see
by michee September 14, 2003
a site full of fantasy artist/writers.
some of them have art but most of the people there draw like trash! hey, they even make you memorise the rules just for the sake of letting you in. the site sucks and they also delete your stuff... what a waste of time.
by michee May 25, 2003
scenesters are the most self centered annoying conceited idiots that i have ever met in my life how sad i share many of the same qualitys ie: hair piercings tattos myspace but i am not scene if you were to talk to me at a show i would talk to you and be nice whereas these lil scenesters look at you like some kind of bug they just stepped on. you know that look of contempt im better than you im soo scene it hurts. go to see your "favorite" band but don't know the lyrics. check out their leader the 1 and only jefree starr the worst drag queen ever
Typical scene conversation
girl 1 like stfu dye me hair
girl 2 oh emm gee i love my boyfriend of 2 minutes
boy lets get married your my soulmate lets cry together
girl 2 (writing on arm) I <3 POOP
by michee September 28, 2005
a friend of mine who is uber obsessed with linking park. Her name means eagle soaring abouve the majestic sky.

She rapes people!!!
by michee September 14, 2003

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