Michael Jackson was one of the most gifted performing artists in history. His opus is that of an American original of unsurpassed musical genius and spans songwriting and recording to original choreography, film, iconography, and of course, virtuosity of performance. His creative gifts were so varied and prolific that the world has only lately learned of his additional skill in the studio arts of painting and drawing. In terms of brilliant innovation that defined but was not statically bound to an era, his art’s impact on our culture and the work of other artists makes for an extraordinary story.
Yeah, it’s true: Michael Jackson is all that.
by ArteFact December 10, 2012
A talented singer who is falsely accused of child molestation just because he's eccentric.
"There are two types of people in this world. Michael Jackson fans and losers." -Seth Green
by Kyle/T.S. April 23, 2005
A famous pop singer that began his career in the 70's. He has become one of the main people to insult if you want to fit into the crowd, even though said crowd is full of morons anyway. If he was guilty of child molestation, there would probably be at least a few members of the jury that found him guilty, based on what we call 'evidence'. You know, the legal term for proof that one did something. Everyone just goes by common opinion, which just shows modern-day human stupidity.
Michael Jackson was found not guilty of these crimes. The word "not" being the nullification of the word "guilty". If you can't understand something that simple, I don't really know what to say.
by Spirit Pyromaniac December 31, 2006
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