He can make you smile, laugh & make you so happy. He's so sweet & caring. He is a very ambitious person with a lot ahead of him. He doesn't think highly of himself when it comes to that, but anyone who knows him should know that he's capable of anything. As long as he puts his mind to it, he can pursue any goal & achieve it without any questions asked. He has so many qualities. He's so funny & will make your day. Did I mention that he has a beautiful voice? I wrote about his voice in one of my raps & said ; Every bar, every verse, a masterpeice in the making, the beuty of your voice leaves my body shaking.
He's got a big heart. He deseres to have someone that makes him that happiest person ever. He's smart & has a good head on his shoulders but yet, you can tell he has a freaky side. He isn't like anyone you know. He's different. He's Michael. He won't change for anyone. Their is no need to change because he's such a incredible person. He's real. You will love so many things about him. He's a bright, cute, intellegent, unexplainable person. In a good ass way. With so many talents. Singing, Basketball, who knows what else. He can do anything. He's worth so much more than he thinks. As you get to know him, he'll , mean the world to Space, to Mars & Back to you. You might even fall in love. I know I did. Love, KYLEE.<3
Kylee loves Michael
by Kylee Brownn June 27, 2013
A handsome, smart, kind, sweet young man who is very active. Someone who loves sports and when I say loves, i mean loves. He's tall, funny, sexy and very tan! The love of my life and knows how to choose his lady ;) works out and has a hot boddd :) extremely fun to be around..even if it's just watching movies. He is a ZOMBIE SLAYING MASTER! he is the best thing that has ever happened to someone. He is amazing and you can't imagine your life without him. He's the world. He's someone to love :) someone I love :)
What you wanna do?
Michael: play lacrosse?
by Kibabyy August 13, 2011
An amazing, handsome, and sweet guy who you will immediately fall in love with
"I love you so much Michael"
by Olive Picker March 27, 2013
Sexy beast. Likes cheese, sweaters, and jello. Has the biggest dick in the world and can shake the bed hard. Likes people with brown hair. Lots of funny jokes. Everyone loves him. One of a kind. Average height, average baseball abilities, but above average sex skills.Strongest guy. and is the best kisser on the lips and ass! Dont let your Michael go.
Well ofcourse, that kids name is Michael!
by cooljJjJjJjJ7855 July 05, 2011
Michael is a guy that any girl would like to be with. Hes perfect. Not to metion hot. The most athletic guy in the school. Anyone who would be able to be with him is definately in luck.
Wow, he is such a Michael, look at how he kicks that soccer ball.
by michellexD3471625 January 12, 2011
Michael has the largest penis of all his friends. His friends wish they could please women like he does.
Girl: michael, your penis is huge.
Michael: well my name is michael ;)
by viper2394 October 15, 2011
A guy who breaks toilets with his giant ass.
Michael's fat ass broke the toilet again
by mikesfriends September 07, 2013
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