mfw, or MFW, stands for Mikey Fuckin' Way, which is a nickname for Mikey Way, the bassist for New Jersey alternative band My Chemical Romance. Term became widely known when a black t-shirt featuring 'MIKEY FUCKIN' WAY' was worn by him and was being sold on the MCR merch website.
Commonly used by fans as an explanation, both good and bad.
The meaning is usually obvious from what sentence its in.
Something that is typically distressing or something that is usually positive can be followed by mfw.
(Good meanings)
I just got a 24 pack of redbull, mfw!

New MCR song rules, mfw!

I just beat Guitar Hero on expert, mfw!

(Bad meanings)
I failed the algebra test, mfw.

I really wanted a PBJ sandwhich but we're out of bread. Mfw.

Tickets to that show are sold out already, mfw.

by CoffinDancer March 25, 2009
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Abbreviation for "my face when
>mfw gerrard scored a goal against the us after 4 minutes
by unowiel June 12, 2010
Abbreviation for "My Face When". Started as a way to respond to posts that a poster usually disagrees with in some manner, and is typically done to mock or troll said poster.

MFW utilize reaction images and are almost always green text
ANON: What do you guys think about my new Mac?

ANON 2: >MFW anon is now going to die of AIDS and cancer
by this fuggin guy February 28, 2011
Stands for "My Face When". Some people will type a strange emoticon after or just leave it as mfw.
>mfw :U

>mfw people think this is a remix
by TrashednScatteredD January 09, 2011
Abreviation for "My face when" This is commonly used on the forums of 4chan, in addition with green text stories. Usually, the picture is on the side of all the green text, and usually at the end, "mfw". It's particulary a meme face Ex.
Forever alone, Troll face, Y u no. etc.
>Sister embarrases me in front of friend
>Don't masterbate for 2 weeks
>Start fapping in the shower
>See my sisters bodywash
>Shoot a huge load
>mfw my dog smelling my sisters ass all day
by x4nothingx September 09, 2012
Mother fuckin' what
"Hey, my mum just told me that my parents are getting divorced"
by ConfusedChild August 01, 2015
My fucking word, a play on "my word", an exclamation typically associated with the 19th and late 20th century upper class.
mfw, how much will that cost!?
by Almighty B January 13, 2013
More fucking worse
Sam: Yeah last week was horrible, then today she made me sleep on the couch...

Alex: .... mfw man, best fix this
by BlackWite July 22, 2011
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