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A Mexican Wedding when the guy pulls out too early during sex and decides to give it another go. He successfully pulls out after his second attempt. Also known as a double pullout.

Similarly, a Mexican Divorce is when the guy does not succeed in pulling out the second time.
Brad was completely embarrassed for trying a Mexican Wedding and failing.
by M1K3 April 08, 2007
A cocktail:
one cup champagne with a shot glass of gold tequila dropped in
Scott dropped a shot of tequila into his champagne and chugged the Mexican wedding.
by jojowasaman February 07, 2009
when a guy skeets in his girlfriends pussy and then eats her out, ingesting the skeet.
John was being gay last night. He gave his girlfriend a mexican wedding.
by BigBallaMan1211 June 04, 2004
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