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See "Mule", but with added eroticism.
"I've just got back from mewl-molesterin'"
by steamloller March 13, 2003
15 29
The noise made by a cat in distress or when begging.
Owner: "Do you want some fish?"
Cat with big wide mournful eyes. "Mewl!"
by Jeeves the roo September 07, 2006
63 29
The way a purple cat, with the tush of wolf meows, pretty much.
That little catwuff, mewled playfully at the moon, while snugged against the other animal.
by P.C.P. January 20, 2010
5 19
another word for mule also see as fool is to fewl
also known as sam and emewly

we are mewls

,myewl,stewl,tewlor as is insult eg. ur a myool
example you are SUCH a mewl

or you are such a myewwl

by Samantha (true mewl) October 03, 2006
10 33
a fool
god, you are such a mewl
by MEWL! May 03, 2003
7 33