See "Mule", but with added eroticism.
"I've just got back from mewl-molesterin'"
by steamloller March 13, 2003
Top Definition
The noise made by a cat in distress or when begging.
Owner: "Do you want some fish?"
Cat with big wide mournful eyes. "Mewl!"
by Jeeves the roo September 07, 2006
Let me try and explain this... Nicely.

Mewling is often seen in fanfiction, especially YAOI. It's usually one of the MANY marvellous and TOTALLY REALISTIC sounds the UKE makes and goes more or less like a kitten's. Well, no. Not really. It's more of a small moan in the back of the throat when things are really going down.
Fabian moaned and mewled as Jerome forced him on to the bed, and into submission.

Robin let out a small mewl as Chrom continued to press their lips together, running his fingers through his uke's hair.
by The Yaoi one September 09, 2015
The way a purple cat, with the tush of wolf meows, pretty much.
That little catwuff, mewled playfully at the moon, while snugged against the other animal.
by P.C.P. January 20, 2010
another word for mule also see as fool is to fewl
also known as sam and emewly

we are mewls

,myewl,stewl,tewlor as is insult eg. ur a myool
example you are SUCH a mewl

or you are such a myewwl

by Samantha (true mewl) October 03, 2006
a fool
god, you are such a mewl
by MEWL! May 03, 2003

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