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Great Tooth and Nail Indie/Post Hardcore/Rock band. Goes great with showbread Composed of Philidalphia residents, Aaron, Mike, Dan, Rick, and Chris. Also a movie that I do not care to talk about.
I listened to mewithoutyou today, their music kills.
by CrutchysGoil March 13, 2005
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One of the few bands worthy of praise (Along with Brand New and GlassjAw). Members are Aaron Weiss, Michael Weiss, Greg Jehanian, and Rickie Mazzotta. The Philly band has transformed greatly over the years and is not disappointing. Aaron Weiss is a lyrical genius.

mewithoutYou is known for Aaron Weiss' spoken word vocals (meaning it sounds like he talks when he delivers his kick-ass lyrics, rather than singing them).
The new mewithoutYou album is finger lickin' good!

The mewithoutYou album A-->B Life is flawless!

If I ever come across any members of mewithoutYou, my voice will raise an octave and I will probably cry!
by Glorious Bitchcole December 29, 2009
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