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Slang term used when referring to boat or a dippa. A cigarette or weed dipped in embalming fluid.
"I heard that Ced be makin that bread off sellin that water."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
A person who is lunchin all the time.
"That bamma Chris a lunch box." "Yeah, he stay lunchin."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
A .38 cal. revolver hangun
I finally stepped my game up from my old .22 cal. to a tre 8.
by Ziek May 02, 2005
Made by either taping or super gluing two hangun magazines together so that once one is empty it can be dropped out and flipped over for quick reloading.
My set was planning to go to war so I made sure I had my reversable clips in case I ended up in a shootout.
by Ziek May 02, 2005
A 12 or 20 gauge pump action shotgun with a pistol grip.
"I keep the nina ross under the seat and the Marty Grizzle in the trunk."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
A person that does an excessive amount of fakin. Comes from the gogo song by the Backyard Band where Big G says "Hey, these niggas fakin right?!" and they respond with "Jr. Bacon right?!"
He likes to act hard be he nothin but a Jr. Bacon.
by Ziek May 02, 2005
A police officer. Comes from the stereotype that police officers are usually white males with curly hair and blue eyes, also possibly racist.
Joe didn't wanna do anything illegal that night. He had already had enough run ins with curly to last the whole week.
by Ziek May 02, 2005

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