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A flaming, obvious homosexual, who nonetheless claims to be hetero, fooling only women, but not gay or straight men. May still be in denial about his sexual orientation, but can't suppress the fashion sense.
GIRL: He's not gay, he's a metrosexual!
GUY: Oh, yeah? Has he tried to have sex with you?
GIRL: No, he said he doesn't want to ruin our friendship...
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
A gay male still in the closet.
Hey guys, I'm ga... I mean metrosexual!
by Hrugnir July 11, 2005
Individual who likes to have sex (or bling-bling) on trains
I hated sitting next to two metrosexuals on the subway
by Master M June 10, 2005
Male person who believes Men should look after appearance as much as most Women do.

Nothing to do with having a feminine side or wearing tight pants.
" I like to look good because my girlfriend looks good for me so I will look good for her"
by powersoccer April 06, 2005
Just means somebody who 'takes care of himself' by buying a lot of nice gay clothes..... Heh... But tries to pretend they are actually a heterosexual.
Fonzworth Bentley is a metrosexual. You might of seen him in the Usher - Yeah video.. Hes the one playing the violin for no damn reason. Also in Outkast - I Like The Way You Move... He flies in with an umbrella... Such a metrosexual...
by FuckThisAndFuckYou November 24, 2004
A Male Working in NBK Bangor Security who uses lots of hair product and dresses like a girl, Also thinks that they are the macks.
Noah Winstead, Mike Edmondson
by Jack Black November 01, 2004
A heterosexual male thats is very intouch with his feminine side, and is often mistaken for being a homosexual because of his: sense of style, knowledge of feminine products, and a good eye for design. For some fucking reason, the chicks dig it. Almost makes me wanna turn metro...
"James Pella is a meterosexual, becuase he wears gap and loves to shoe shop."
by Darren October 19, 2004