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A gay male still in the closet.
Hey guys, I'm ga... I mean metrosexual!
by Hrugnir July 11, 2005
20 33
Individual who likes to have sex (or bling-bling) on trains
I hated sitting next to two metrosexuals on the subway
by Master M June 10, 2005
9 22
Male person who believes Men should look after appearance as much as most Women do.

Nothing to do with having a feminine side or wearing tight pants.
" I like to look good because my girlfriend looks good for me so I will look good for her"
by powersoccer April 06, 2005
3 16
Just means somebody who 'takes care of himself' by buying a lot of nice gay clothes..... Heh... But tries to pretend they are actually a heterosexual.
Fonzworth Bentley is a metrosexual. You might of seen him in the Usher - Yeah video.. Hes the one playing the violin for no damn reason. Also in Outkast - I Like The Way You Move... He flies in with an umbrella... Such a metrosexual...
by FuckThisAndFuckYou November 24, 2004
76 89
A Male Working in NBK Bangor Security who uses lots of hair product and dresses like a girl, Also thinks that they are the macks.
Noah Winstead, Mike Edmondson
by Jack Black November 01, 2004
6 19
A heterosexual male thats is very intouch with his feminine side, and is often mistaken for being a homosexual because of his: sense of style, knowledge of feminine products, and a good eye for design. For some fucking reason, the chicks dig it. Almost makes me wanna turn metro...
"James Pella is a meterosexual, becuase he wears gap and loves to shoe shop."
by Darren October 19, 2004
15 28
A disgusting word used to describe strait men who like to do things considered "gay" or "girly"

If people would stop gender stereotyping, we wouldn't need a word to make these men feel comfortable doing what they want to do. Bathing and wearing clean clothes makes a man neither "gay", nor "metrosexual" just as much as playing football doesn't make a woman a lesbian
Men should be allowed to look nice without being labeled "metrosexual"
by oblivionjones September 16, 2004
7 20