A effeminate, self-centered man who devotes far too much time to his appearance. A sissy.
Wheldon the metrosexual went into the bathroom to admire himself in the mirror.
Margaret dated a metrosexual, but dumped the big sissy because he took longer to get ready for a party than she did.
A real woman needs a MAN, not a metrosexual.
by Belinda the Goat July 10, 2008
The most unmanly man known to existence. A man who uses expensive hair products and listens to Michael Bolton and Barry Manilow.
Richard Simmons is a metrosexual.
by Maxwellv August 10, 2006
A homosexual guy who is either in denial of his sexuality, or refuses to have sex with other men.
Jane: That guy is metro.
Jack: There is no such thing as a metrosexual. He's gay in denial.
by Brian June 18, 2006
I heard this on the radio, about the noun Metrosexual.
Man speaking, "When I go to buy a shirt, there are usually six sizes available in the store."
"The sizes are; Small, Medium, L, XL, XXL and MetrosexuAL"
by Steven ZAK May 04, 2006
One who is straight, but appears to be gay in every way.
Link, from the popular Zelda series, is a metrosexual....just kidding, he's a homo.
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006
The politicly correct term for "Pussy-bitch"
"James is such a metrosexual."
by A. Starless Midknyte December 08, 2005
metrosexual is usually a young urban man, who visits the day spa, has an exclusive gym membership, plays golf, wears Calvin Klein boxers, gets foils in his hair, wears wrist bands and will often sport a gelled mohawk, a pink ben sherman polo top (collar is usually popped), deisel shorts and designer flip flops and listen to dance/trance music. Although they may appear gay, you can find most metro's hanging out at nightclubs, pubs, bars, cafe's or the beach scamming on young chicks or hairdressers (female). These types of "preppy" metrosexuals are found in Australia and are usually of Aussie or British descent. They also tend to drink alcoholic beverages such as Corona or Carlsberg whilst watching the Rugby or AFl, but tend not to yell or shout like NORMAL Aussie blokes. Metro's can also be found hanging out at their local university campus or a cricket or footy match bitching about all the pie eating, VB drinking "yobbos or bogans". Metro's like to drive pussy cars like Mazda's, hyundais, mitsubishis, Renault, Jeeps, BMW's, Audi's and new volkswagons (the small hatchback kind) and watch shit TV shows like Australian Idol and Big Brother and may sometimes even vote! Metro's usually have a 3 mobile phone and have crappy ass jamster ringtones like crazy frog and Club Anthems 2005! Metros do however attend BBQ's but they bring a thai chicken salad, marinated kalimari or sushi instead of eating the steak and sausages on offer. Metro's tend to supprt faggy less masculine football teams such as the Fremantle Dockers, St Kilda or Richmond (the glamour, pretty boy teams).
Evan: "Hey Liam i heard that new bar in Fremantle just opened up, apparently they have complimentary wrist bands you know the rubber kind? and tapas, dip and rice snacks for nibblies...we should check it out, whatta you reckon?"

Liam: "Sounds sweet, let me just change, I think i'm gonna wear my pale lemon Elwood polo top and my Dolce aviator sunnies or is that too tryhard, u know being night and all?

Evan: "Hell no, dude that sounds awesome, the ladies won't be able to stay away trust me, i'm gonna wear my peach and mint mooks polo and my gucci slides...make sure you pop that collar, so metrosexual right now!"

by u r cool November 17, 2005

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