Stylish, urban dwelling straight male, known for his savvy with clothing, his subscription to Kiplinger's, and who has all three of the following in his home:
1. a full set of silverware
2. books on a bookshelf that have actually been read
3. pomade
"My last boyfriend was a metrosexual. He spent just as much time on his hair as i did."
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
A heterosexual man who is very much in touch with his feminine side, and is not afraid to show it. He appreciates Gucci bags, Prada wallets, etc.
I'd say that Justin Timberlake is homosexual, but I guess he's just metro.
by FOX July 29, 2003
A new term in the English lexicon being used to describe attractive, well dressed, and sucessful men who are sought after by the opposite sex. This word came into use mainly by Beta Males because calling these men outright fags or homosexuals became overly used and exposed their jealousy and catiness that traditionally was ascribed to feminine behavior.
Tom Cruise, Jeff Gordan, Fabio, Leonardo Dicaprio, Metrosexual
by Hopey Changey November 28, 2009
The most unmanly man known to existence. A man who uses expensive hair products and listens to Michael Bolton and Barry Manilow.
Richard Simmons is a metrosexual.
by Maxwellv August 10, 2006
A homosexual guy who is either in denial of his sexuality, or refuses to have sex with other men.
Jane: That guy is metro.
Jack: There is no such thing as a metrosexual. He's gay in denial.
by Brian June 18, 2006
I heard this on the radio, about the noun Metrosexual.
Man speaking, "When I go to buy a shirt, there are usually six sizes available in the store."
"The sizes are; Small, Medium, L, XL, XXL and MetrosexuAL"
by Steven ZAK May 04, 2006
One who is straight, but appears to be gay in every way.
Link, from the popular Zelda series, is a metrosexual....just kidding, he's a homo.
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006

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