1. A person who is straight but acts really really gay.
2. Always gels hair, shaves legs, and waxes eyebrows
3. Loves to tan naked with other men
4. Loves steamrooms with naked men
5. Masturbates with men he meets an hour before
6. All in all, "Ryan Yamada"
"Hey megan, i shaved my legs, waxed my eyebrows and gooch, and sucked dick all the way on the ride here. My name is Ryan Yamada and i'm metrosexual."
by Big massive chode June 08, 2007
1. A gay male who does not yet know it, rationalizing his sexual preference as fashion sense.

2. phrasal synonyms: "in a transparent closet", "flying under his own gaydar", "rafting down d' Nile", "thinking his Zima is a Guinness"
A subject of one of the following conversations:

"What metrosexual Bruce likes about dating Linda is that it doubles his wardrobe, he saves money on skin cream, and she brings home drunken guys so he can blow them."

MALE FRIEND ONE: How come Bruce is missing the game?
MALE FRIEND TWO: I don't know. He said something about "a sale at Express"...?
MALE FRIEND THREE: What's "Express"?
MALE FRIEND ONE: It looks like he's gone metrosexual. It's only a matter of time before he introduces us to a "special friend."
MALE FRIEND TWO: Aw, man. Just last week I heard him say something about how "pink is this year's fuchsia."
MALE FRIEND THREE: What's "fuchsia"?

TRISHA: Things are getting weird with Bruce. You know, ... in the bedroom....
ASHLEY: Uh, oh... But he's got such cute hair and you guys like to go shopping together. I'm sorry, sweetie. I thought - except for fighting over closet space - you guys had a real thing, there.
TRISHA: Yeah. He seemed more in touch with himself. Different from most guys. But, the other day he said he wants to "try something a little different."
ASHLEY: Oh... Like with Rick? Just tell him he has to make do with one girl at a time.
TRISHA: No. No, it's different. Um...
ASHLEY: I know. You're scared, but go ahead and do the anal thing. All guys want it. Just get some lube and make him go slow. He probably won't be that into it that much anyway, after he tries it.
TRISHA: No. I'm not afraid of the anal sex. Well, not exactly, anyway...
ASHLEY: Well, don't leave me hanging, here. What's got you so freaked out?
TRISHA: He wants me to wear a strap-on.
ASHLEY: Sure, so you just... You just... Waitaminute - a strap-on? You mean, like, for him?
TRISHA: Uh huh. I think he's a ... a metrosexual! <breaks down sobbing>
ASHLEY: Jeezus! I told you you can't trust a man with thirty pairs of shoes....
by shibb0 April 09, 2007
A dude who is one Apple Martini away from making a trip the gay bar.
Straight Dude: Dude, Pass Me A Beer And Some Pretzles The Game Is About To Start.

Metrosexual Dude:. And Break A Nail Eeeeww Yuckness.
by Slade_Technics September 26, 2006
A vodka martini away from being gay.
Girl: He's so pretty
Guy: F'ing metrosexual
Girl: I want his number
Guy: If YOU want it, better wait till he sobers up.
by Surfer Dude March 23, 2006
a man who has been bitten by another metrosexual, thereby showing all the characterisics of a woman or gay man. the metrosexual must feed on period blood three times a month to keep this disguise. often extreme cases begin to kiss men and wear designer womans shoes.
TIMBOLAY JIMBERS is a metrosexual to the nines
by Dread Pyrate Bonney March 18, 2005
A stereotypical homosexual male who dresses very "stylish" and is up to speed with anything trendy and sophisticated, but swears he doesn't pound ass with anyone.
In Saturday Night Live, when Jimmy Fallon and WIll Ferrel work in that fashion store, they are presumed metrosexuals.
by Sum yun Guy November 29, 2003
A Straight Man who is: Tidy, Enjoys cooking, Is a neat freak, Likes to shop, Gets expensive Haircuts, Is probably often mistaken for gay, Uses the word "Yummy", Wears Jewelry, And is really really Nit Picky.
Yes, My stepfather is a Metrosexual.
by Angela November 24, 2003

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