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Matt singer
Matt singer dresses like a gay guy and carries a comb with him like a gay guy but he isn't gay but is metrosexual
by exal1024 December 15, 2010
Gay, but without the homosexual part.
Wow! Look at Tom wearing that pink shirt! Even though he is not gay! How metrosexual of him!
by Noob1 March 22, 2010
A way of marketing the same products with different packaging to a broader consumer base.
Cheap and effective.
Look at all the junk that metrosexual has bought. Why didn't he just use his mum's.
by cynicalanimal January 26, 2009
a person who likes trains, a LOT.
Joe: oh my god, what's that guy doing to the M train?!
Thomas: i don't know...
Lawson: isn't it clear? he's a metrosexual.
by bongo: gangsta chinese pirate October 07, 2005
Woman’s Definition: A man who is in touch with the needs and feelings of woman; he’s not afraid to show his feminine side. A Metro Sexual male is meticulous, fashion-conscience and, fabulous dresser. Metro Sexual are the man women wish their husbands/boyfriends were.

Non-Metro Sexual Male’s Definition: A metro Sexual Male is a gay man who has embraced the habits of a gay man but has not openly admitted that he’s gay. I.e. A Metro Sexual is a gay man!
He's Metro Sexual but hasn't come out of the closet.
by jxq June 04, 2004
A heterosexual male that has stereotypically homosexual tendencies.
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy has populated the earth with metrosexuals.
by Sarah May 27, 2004
A "metrosexual" is an allegedly heterosexual male who spends a shitload of money on beauty products and fancypants-style clothes. These guys spend more time primping than divas or he-divas!
A woman should never date a metrosexual. He might steal her beauty products!
by Silky Smooth May 04, 2004