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n., pl. –lies, adj. –n. 1. a person who appreciates art museums and dirt track racing and appreciates a well mixed martini followed by a cold Budweiser. 2. a person who has the sophistication, fashionable tastes, or other habits and manners associated with those who live in a metropolis and who likes to get dirty, be rough, and other habits and manner associated with those who live in the backwoods country.

-adj. 3. of, like, or pertaining to metrobillies: metrobilly lifestyle

note: hair gel, mullets, ratchet belts, and overalls optional.
The metrobilly pondered the inherent beauty of the artwork in the gallery while thumbing the 4-wheeler key in his pocket.
A person who displays the characteristics of both a metrosexual and rockabilly. A portmanteau word combining metrosexual with rockabilly.
That guy is drinking a cosmopolitan and has pompadour. What a metrobilly!
by Alex December 25, 2004
A hillbilly who dresses like a prep/metro freak with all that abercrombie and amercian eagle crap.
"Hey look its a stupid prep! Only he has no shoes and a straw hat with that funky accent!"
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