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In excess; a large amount, generally more than what is expected.

This term is not restricted to weight, but is more a quantitive factor.
Wow, I have a metric ass ton of homework to do tonight.
by Russ A September 24, 2006
an amount too large to measure
That has got to weigh a metric ass ton
by Brendan May 17, 2004
A lot. A shit-load of something.
I just bought a metric ass ton of crack from those cholos.
by notactuallyme May 02, 2009
Any large amount. Often used to exaggerate amounts to convey a large amount of things.
I bought a metric asston of cheezits at the local bulk food warehouse.
by banana-phone March 09, 2010
Jesus dude, it's like exactally 137 cubic tons of matrial X.
I have a metric ass ton of crabs...and it also burns when I pee
by Fred Gestopolis March 08, 2005