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The origin of the word is unknown and potentially unimportant. Extensive yet controversial studies have traced it back to ancient Rome; however, being controversial, these studies probably involve the mistreatment of warm and fuzzy animals and cannot be taken seriously. Therefore, the only matter of importance here is the definition. Methererem, pronounced "meth-er-ER-em," is the emberyouwe of the existence of small, ferret-like creatures in the sewage drains of a surburban town in Nebraska.

Another definition: the purpose of life.
A) "I think there's a methererem under my bed!"

B) "I wish I had methererem to write this paper..."
by Laiming Pa November 04, 2009
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Newest psychostimulant medication marketed by Merck, derived from dextroamphetamine but inteneded to be less harmful on the body. Planned for public release in 2012.
"My ADHD was gettin' off the hook, but then my shrink hooked me up with this new script for Methererem instead of Desoxyn, and now -- it's all good."
by rxscholar November 04, 2009
The act of rapidly distributing knowledge.
After the VMA's everybody methererem Kayne and that Swift girl...
by Anonolog November 04, 2009
the act of making up words and spreading it across the internet
rflowerandst, or a methererem, is an example of a word that isn't real that is rapidly spread across the internet so it will end up in google.
by cwnm November 04, 2009

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