A guaranteed source of income, which is good because you'll need it when the cops bang on your door
Police-Open up, it's the police!
Man-I can't, I'm working in my meth lab. Come back in an hour
Police-You did hear me say I'm the police, didn't you?
by Themadbaron April 27, 2011
Top Definition
where meth is made ileagly
uslely smell prety rank
the swat team needs to bust that meth lab next door
by tom November 11, 2003
a particularly foul (and foul smelling) brand of homeless redneck hick who has nothing better to do than pick fights in Goodwill Thrift stores, which he inhabits during all their opening hours, 24/7 365. If a methlab attacks you, he can be distracted by filthy broken plastic toys or any merchandise bearing the Confederate Flag logo. Whille not a particularly dangerous creature , unless he's been into some PCP or crack, then approach with EXTREME caution. In most normal circumstances the methlab's fundamental cowardice can be counted upon to end potential conflicts.
"methlab... underneath the trailer... methlab"
(sung to the tune of sealab 2021)

see also 'el oso', 'capn crusty', and 'garbage can man'
by Don Tripontode June 01, 2006
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