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A habit of speech and conversation whereby a questioner asks a very unspecific question of a questionee, or series of such questions, leading up to the actual question which the questioner would like the questionee to answer. A waste of conversational bandwidth, be it spoken or digital.
"Can I ask you a question?"

useful retorts:

"You just did."
"Yes, but only one, and you already used it up."
by blankety blank May 24, 2004
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Metaquestions are questions about other questions. Which are asked in response or leading up to other questions.

They are almost always dependent on the other question.
Can I ask you a question? *
- You just did.

And also:

Stop answering each question with another question.
- Why shouldn't I answer each question with another question? *

* This question is a metaquestion.
#metaquestion #question #first order logic #metalogic #annoying
by Manadar April 28, 2011
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