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An alternative abbreviation for "indeed". Mainly used by gamers.
- They should be here by now, dont you think?

- Ndd
by Manadar April 07, 2011
Easy mode. Something that is very easy to do.
Training mining? That's ez mode.
by Manadar May 28, 2009
Metaquestions are questions about other questions. Which are asked in response or leading up to other questions.

They are almost always dependent on the other question.
Can I ask you a question? *
- You just did.

And also:

Stop answering each question with another question.
- Why shouldn't I answer each question with another question? *

* This question is a metaquestion.
by Manadar April 28, 2011
In recreational mathematics, a repunit is a number like 11, 111, or 1111 that contains only the digit 1. The term stands for repeated unit and was coined in 1966 by Albert H. Beiler. A repunit prime is a repunit that is also a prime number.
My house number is 11 which is a repunit.
by Manadar March 23, 2009
A MegaFlush can be performed when competing (in teams) towards getting the most work units done in a distributed computing project.

To perform a MegaFlush one can use processing power to calculate work units months before a competition starts. When the competition begins the work units are submitted and thus count for the competition. This is used to give yourself or your team an unfair advantage.
Any one team that performs a MegaFlush will be banned from the contest.
by Manadar March 25, 2011
Yet Another CRUD Application
So many programmers are working on blogging engines, which are little more than YACA. Why bother?
by Manadar February 25, 2010

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