A hipster that is so ironic they do something considered mainstream or opposite of hipster.
a metahipster might do the following: Go to Georgia tech, major in math, watch football, wear button-down shirts
by Opposite of a G July 09, 2012
Top Definition
A subgenre of hipster that constantly satirizes stereotypical hipster behavior. Completely incomprehensible to normal people, irritating and awkward to normal hipsters. Can be genuine, trolls, or both.
Hipster: "Hey, Animal Collective is having a free concert in the city tomorrow. Do you want to--"
Metahipster: "--I can't go. I'm getting my mop-top done in the morning and are taking an evening shift at the Marxist bookstore to help pay for these pants that I definitely got at a thrift shop and not Uniqlo."
Hipster: "Um... wait, what?"
by mhipsterdom September 02, 2010
(n.) hipsters too hipster to actually to be hipsters themselves.
Metahipster: "I'm too hipster for skinny jeans and Grizzly Bear."
by halveraptor November 06, 2009

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