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getting far too wasted in an attempt to get over something (break up, bad week at work...)

you may wake up the next morning and remember parts of the night before and what a total mess it was, but it needed to be done. messy, but necessary.
"i spent £100 last night at the bar and got so wasted that this morning i can't find one of my shoes or my hobile. and i think i done sick on the carpet."

"yeah but mate after the week you just had, it was totally messessary. has to be done."
#messy #drunken #vomit #necessary #rebound
by fb.jh October 23, 2009
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A necessary mess used to disguise ones genius
Boy: "Baby, you have to clean out your handbag"
Girl: "No, you don't understand, all of it is Messessary"
Boy: *shakes head*
#mess #neccessary #handbag #handbags #important #messy
by Mullies88 April 04, 2015
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