In Maple Story, the currency. You can get mesos from defeating monsters, a drop fest, or from trading.
I gained 10 mesos from that Snail. Wait. 10 mesos? 10 MESOS?
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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The currency of money in the game, MapleStory.
Some people have 20 million mesos.
by TheLegend May 29, 2005
A form of money in maple story
Man, i made 5000 mesos in 2 minutes!
by cullen hallman August 07, 2007
Meso is the little "cute but suspicious" guy from the anime series known as Sexy Commando Gaiden or Sexy Commando, Sugoyiio Masaru-san!.
(See Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo)
Masaru: Cough, cough. I thought you were a Meso.
Fuumin: What's Meso???
by maruree July 11, 2006
Short-form for mesocyclone. The Mesocyclone is the part of the thunderstorm that rotates and can produce a tornado. A meso can often be detected on radar or by seeing the wall cloud if you are storm chasing.

"Check out that meso! It could drop a tornado at any minute."
by SarahJS May 14, 2006
Meso is a prefix that means in the middle or intermediate, it is in between Micro and Macro
Mesoderm, Mesoeconomic.
by DmytriKleiner September 05, 2005
An Asian female who only dates white/black/latino guys, or an asian girl who is dating a white/black/latino guy. Very similar to a prostitute.
This female will whore herself out to all races never to date an asian male. Meso's often find themselves with broke white americans.
The Meso term comes from the classic movie Full Metal Jacket where the hooker comes out and tells the black soldier " Me So Horny. Me love you long time"

the opposite (asian guy, white/black/latino girl) is called a Bruce. *see Bruce
Look at that busted meso over there with her broke ass hunter thinking she's all that.
by Mr Shadow SGVx626 Vboyz Gang February 24, 2010

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