progressive metal band from Sweden.

features of their music are;

-free-form solos similar to modern jazz
-extremely brutal sound, almost binary in dynamic nature.
"meshuggah are innovating a whole new genre of music that will be copied for many years"
by cyrus beaumont August 18, 2004
Top Definition

1. A metal band from Sweden whose music features many dizzingly complex polyrhythms and hemiolas characteristic of free jazz and African drumming.

2. A metal group whose rhythmic concepts tend to go right over the heads of most metal fans, leading them to pigeonhole the band with such descriptions as "toughest band I've ever heard," thus raping them of the credibility they deserve.


1. Yiddish for "crazy."
Meshuggah is meshuggah!
by Sommy July 09, 2004
a tech metal band who is known for their use of polyrythms and polymetrics. their music is harsh and often sounds inhuman and machine-like.
well known songs include "new millenium cyanide christ" and "future breed machine"
by niggasense August 21, 2005
Crazy; nuts; psycho; a few sandwiches short of a picnic. From the Yiddish.
Sky-diving? You'd have to be meshuggah.
by cornholio October 09, 2003
Yiddish term. Meaning: crazy, insane, nuts.
Ah whadda-ya-dooin Franz, now yeh being meshuggah again!
by Karlin June 27, 2004
Nutless, coward, no balls, a woman (if referring to a man), a ho-fo-sho (if referring to a woman)
"Yo bitch! You hella meshuggah! Couldn't hit that fly ass honey wit tha plump taters!"
by Tikcuf7 February 24, 2009
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