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Short for Mini E-Revo VXL, the Traxxas' 1/16 version of the 1/10 E-Revo. The MERV comes stock with 4WD, a brushless motor and a 2.4ghz radio system. It is stupid fast on 3S Li-Po. The MERV can hold its own against most nitro RC cars.
My MERV totally smoked that Savage Flux at half throttle on 3S Li-Po.
by Fat & Furious March 02, 2014
A cool motherfucker with miles of swagger. Someone you don't mess with but at the same time want to be. Someone you will never be. Don't even try.
Don't mess with Mervs man, he'll fuck your universe up.
Someone who is doing something they are not supposed to be doing. A sneaky, shady, and/or sinful person. The word developed in Harlem, NY as a replacement swear word to use around kids.
"Quit bein' a merv and get off the block to lead a decent life."
"Uncle Joe was mervin' out the other day. I caught him s-t-r-i-p-p-i-n-g at the bar."
by DevinRoxMyWorld February 11, 2010
To willingly endure an annoying or irritating event, especially a television or radio show.
As I merved my way through the first hour of the Rush Limbaugh show, I found myself constantly wanting to smack him upside the head.
by Sockra-T March 03, 2012
A "Merv" is an urban colloquialism used to describe a person who is viewed as "corny" or not cool.
"Hey John, look at this Merv with the polka-dots on. What is he doing?"

"Why didnt you go talk to that girl? You're such a merv."
by John Q. Publik April 23, 2009
Merv was this guy from everett and all he did was hang out. Everett is the place of the nation's worst meth, and who knows what happened to merv. This was slang long before everett had a meth problem. merving it means to chill, merving it fierce is to do this too much or to extremes. gutter merv is like bottoming out. "oh wow that chick was mervly" means good or bad, like you want to merv up on it, but it can mean she was nasty too.
"lets merv up on the nature park and smoke a bowl"
merv it fierce> drink a beer in a public park in seattle after a rave at 9 in the morning while smoking pot.
gutter merv- obtaining the child molester hormone from smoking too much meth
by chronazon January 25, 2009
to have sex with a chimpanzee and spread the virus known as aids. Also very poor poker player who loves sex with men
Look at him merving hes going to spread aids if he is not careful
by Jimmymac123 November 16, 2008
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