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Verb. To perform an unsolicited shoulder massage.
While Angela was seated at the table, George snuck up and merkeled her.
by thewordster July 25, 2006
A faker who uses words from urban dictionary every second,
Someone who uses a lot of hip words, but it turns out they read urban dictionary all day and are a poseur.
Insta Bitch: Damn how do you know all those words?
Fboy: Haha, I don't know, I'm cool like that.
Me: Nah he's just a Merkel.
by Twooof April 08, 2016
A longhaired bastard that likes to surf, while smoking a corncob pipe. He is known to shout Mahalo at the top of his lungs while peeing on the top of his moped.
holy shit, did you see that merkel in the bushes, he was totally smoking reefer.
by Burnzarelli November 24, 2010
To perform cunnilingus on a women whilst she defecates.
Upon returning from the optometrist, Lydia excused herself to the restroom to make a movement. George, feeling giddy, joined her in the bathroom, got down on all fours, and gave her the merkeling of a lifetime.
by Dr. Octavious Boneshank August 05, 2009
to take something that does not belong to you
While walking down the street early Sunday morning Anthony decided to merkel the newspaper from his neighbor's lawn.
by dp9 January 12, 2004
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