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An insult commonly used to describe someone you hate. Derived from derrogatory reference to oral sex.
John called his old friends cocksuckers just before they beat the crap out of him.
by dp9 October 11, 2003
a gut wrenching emotion felt deep in the belly of a person unrealistically looking forward to an upcoming event immediately after the reality of extreme disapointment has replaced the anticipated happiness
Heather felt nothing but anticipointment after she was told that "her" scholarship was awarded to some nerd who never takes his nose out a text book.
by dp9 February 14, 2004
co-host of LoveLine

highly trained and well educated physician who has the ability to get to the root of a problem quickly and offer a step by step approach to it which could usually resolve or relieve its causes.
Dr. Drew is not afraid to take on. talk about and laugh at serious problems. He and Adam Corolla are a good team.
by dp9 April 02, 2004
term originally used by members of the legal profession to describe clients or members of the general public who make statements that are totally illogical or impossible to defend
Everyone in class was thinking the teacher was felony stupid when it took him 30 minutes to explain why he was 10 minutes late.
by dp9 October 12, 2003
the manner in which some people demonstrate their worth to mankind by making sure that everyone in the room knows that they something special, have survived a bad hair day, or know more than their teachers, employers, parents, friends or anyone else
The conversations I over heard at the "happy hour" were dominated by the pretentions twaddle of college girls who should know better.
by dp9 February 14, 2004
a governmental senior level review group usually made up of people who already think alike. "group think" is the result, but when a slurg treatise is printed it becomes a flag that many pols salute.
It's not just the Republicans that use a slurg to justify their course of action. Shit, all major parties do it. Maybe Nader is right. We need to rethink the whole damn political process.
by dp9 July 29, 2005
a mythical place where memories, events, relationships and experiences get stuck

usually "stuck in your craw" or "stuck in my craw" refers to the phenomenon as it is experienced by males.

The phenomenon frequently causes grudges.
Hey man, what's John got stuck in his craw now?

I'm not sure, but I think it's about that promotion he didn't get. He's still mad at his supervisor.
by dp9 May 24, 2005

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